Roses are red, their oil is like dew

Reap its benefits without much ado!

Also known as the “Queen of Essential Oils”, rose essential oil is one of the most effective oils packed with oodles of benefits.

Since ancient times rose petals and oils have been used to treat wounds and skin inflammations. Legend has it that soaked rose petals set in oil were recommended by Hippocrates as a cure for uterine diseases and Cleopatra also used rose in her bedroom to entice and woo her suitors.


The oil is popularly known for its anti-depressant qualities which help in keeping a person mentally strong and confident. When used in aromatherapy, it brings in feelings of glee and prospect, and helps in uplifting those with nervous disposition through its serene bouquet effect.

A gentle massage of rose oil works wonders to reduce menopausal symptoms. Very effective for the immune system, the oil protects our body from various viruses and reduces chances of catching viral infections.


Rose essential oil has also been used widely in skin and beauty care. The best way to reap its antiseptic benefits is to add a few drops of the oil into any DIY creams. Those battling with acne issues can make use of rose oil by applying it on the infected area with a sterile cotton swab 1-3 times a day.

Flower therapist Jhelum Biswas Bose says, “Rose Essential Oil has the highest energy frequency among all natural oils and is excellent for skin care. It helps in opening up the heart chakra as well.” Moisture in the skin is also balanced with the help of this oil which in turn reduces any skin imperfections.


Rose otto boosts scalp health as it works as an antiseptic tonic. It keeps your tresses shiny and smooth, and fights the 3 D’s- Dandruff, Dryness and Dehydration.


– Rose essential oil isn’t like any regular olive oil that you can apply as per your comfort. It needs to be tested first for sensitivity on the foot. Also, using the oil in excess will not heal you faster but in turn will lead to further sensitization of skin. It must also be avoided around sensitive areas like the eyes and nose and especially during pregnancy.

– It has the maximum energy frequency (almost 320 Hz) among all essential oils which is excellent for therapeutic purposes.

– Rose aroma is known for its de-stressing qualities and using rose water as a cleanser before you go to bed helps in sleeping relaxed and with a free mind.

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