Discover the Healing Power of Flowers: A Journey into Bach Flower Remedies

Imagine finding relief for physical and emotional ailments in the most unexpected of places – dew drops on plants. It may sound whimsical, but it’s a truth that I stumbled upon. Allow me to share my story.

For years, I battled with frequent colds and coughs triggered by various factors like dust, sandalwood, changes in temperature, or seemingly insignificant triggers. Resorting to allopathic medicines seemed like the only solution, often leading to a cycle of antibiotics to combat severe cold and congestion. Unsatisfied with this approach, I decided to explore an alternative – homeopathy – suggested by a dear friend.

Initially sceptical about homeopathy’s effectiveness, I took the leap, acknowledging that traditional medicine hadn’t provided a lasting solution for my condition. My transition to homeopathy brought some relief. I felt less tense and my colds were milder. This change prompted me to delve deeper into self-healing philosophies. I delved into books like “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay and even experimented with practices like Pranic Healing and Crystal Healing, all while maintaining my Buddhist faith and beliefs. My search for complete healing without relying on endless medications led me to Bach Flower Remedies.

Introduced to Bach Flower Remedies by the same friend who guided me towards homeopathy, I discovered a lesser-known healing system in India, yet one gaining momentum rapidly. Dr. Edward Bach, a visionary physician in the 1930s, developed this system to treat emotional and spiritual health. He identified 38 remedies, each targeting specific emotional and mental states, along with a combination of five remedies known as Rescue Remedy for demanding situations.

The process of creating these remedies is as poetic as their names and effects. Delicate flowers are either floated in pure spring water for three hours in sunlight or boiled for half an hour in pure water. The energized water is then mixed with an equal amount of brandy, creating the mother tincture. This tincture is further diluted with brandy to make the stock bottles available for purchase.

Over the last four years, I have used Bach Flower Remedies extensively to address various physical and emotional issues such as fever, anger, hurt, fear, and even colds. It’s important to understand that these remedies focus on the root cause or the emotions underlying an ailment rather than directly treating physical symptoms. Thus, different individuals with the same ailment might benefit from different remedies based on their unique emotional reactions to the situation.

Three of the remedies that have been particularly effective for me are:

1. Rescue Remedy: A blend of Rock Rose, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, and Cherry Plum, this combination serves as an instant crisis manager, providing immediate relief. I’ve used it during fever episodes, accompanied by paracetamol, and witnessed a positive impact. It even alleviated sneezing within 15 minutes.

2. Crab Apple: Known as a powerful cleansing remedy, Crab Apple helps eliminate negativity from the body and mind. I consistently used it on a keloid on my ear, and to my amazement, the keloid vanished without surgery or medication.

3. Olive: This remedy works wonders when you feel exhausted or drained. A few drops in water, tea, coffee, juice, or soup can instantly refresh you. I often turn to Olive after illness or tiring travels.

These remedies are gentle, effective, and free from side effects. You can consume them with a drink or apply them as a mist on your body. I even use Crab Apple as a room spray to purify the air.

If you’re curious about these healing remedies, start with these three and gradually explore the world of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies. They are safe, powerful, and transformative. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in exploring more about this healing path. The journey to holistic well-being awaits!

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